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Services — Leadership Development, Succession Planning, Executive Assessment, Team Effectiveness

Elevate your organization's leadership.


Inspired leadership doesn’t just happen; it requires intention.

When an organization invests in leadership development, it fosters a culture of true teamwork – which supports sustainable growth and a positive working environment.

MBHardy Consulting has developed four key services that strengthen leaders’ capabilities, enhance their effectiveness and leverage their passions.


Leadership Development

Leaders shape the course of a company. When they perform at the top of their game, the company benefits as a whole.

Through individual Leadership Development, MBHardy Consulting ensures leaders stay sensitive to the organization's vision and the strengths of their team members while remaining aligned with their personal goals and personality. We work with leaders to examine and challenge their thinking and not get sidelined by the inevitable “noise”. The process equips leaders to be more effective in moving the company forward while remaining true to themselves and their values and strengths.

Team Effectiveness

A team's power is drawn from its unity – everyone rowing in the same direction. An effective team is an empowered team — one where personal and professional development is taken seriously.

Effectiveness across the team is crucial. We work with leaders to enhance the overall cohesiveness of their team, enabling individuals to remain engaged, play to their strengths and contribute in a meaningful way to driving the strategic imperatives.

Succession Planning

It's never too soon to think about the future. When thoughtful succession plans are in place for each critical leadership role, continuity issues never put the business at risk. This process is about more than having the right people in the pipeline; it's also about creating a seamless transition.

With Succession Planning, MBHardy Consulting coordinates with board members and senior management to create and implement a strategy aligned with the organization's long-term vision.

Executive Assessment

Past experience and job performance are only two factors to consider when transitioning someone into a new executive role. Executive Assessment and Integration are essential to ensuring the right leaders are in place — and that the right skills are being nurtured. At MBHardy Consulting, we help with:

In-depth Assessments that shine a light on the person - not just the resume - and provide an accurate measure of whether the top candidate is a good fit for the company's cultural and strategic focus.

Complete with a customized list of strengths, risks and opportunities – clearly aligned with the demands of the role and the client business – assessment enables companies to understand a candidate’s personality, motivations, work ethic, potential derailers and overall fit.

Executive Development provides a company’s existing leaders the opportunity to enhance their skills and take their influence to the next level.

By evaluating the individual against the company’s leadership and role expectations, we work with those who hold critical roles to create a personalized plan that leverages their strengths, builds strategies to fill gaps, and helps them step into the full potential of their leadership.

Typical new hire onboarding plans alone aren’t sufficient for creating successful integration for new leaders or internal promotions. Executives need time and support to successfully integrate into their new role, learn – or re-evaluate – the company culture, and fully engage with their team.

Executive Integration provides directed, individual coaching for new hires and internal promotions to set milestones and goals for their new leadership position and stay aligned with expectations.


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